Thursday, December 13, 2007


Now we return to the issue raised in the consideration of the statement
“I’m basically a good person and I try to keep the ten commandments.”

We have now learned the true meaning of salvation. Being born again we are forever joined in spirit with God and thus permanently assured of our place with Him in heaven.

Yet... people will still return to this concept of qualifying in some manner through a judgment process weighing their good and bad deeds to determine (again!) their eternal destiny. If this were true it would mean that God is fickle and places us under double jeopardy.

The reason for returning to this idea of “everyone” having to go to some future Judgment is that many churches still teach this doctrine. In this way “Christian“ societies have transferred it to literature, popular culture, to the very psyche of Christendom.

The idea of judgment has become such a basic concept that people often focus on it more than on the outcome. Some who question the existence of hell still speak of the judgment. Others say, “It doesn’t matter what I do. I’m going to hell anyway.” This because of their sins of the past (some in fact truly great, some due to never going to church, along with its many requirements). This has been greatly enhanced by whatever contact they have had with Christians incessant preaching against sin.

We can learn the truth we need to overcome this false teaching of the Judgment Day, where all people, Jews, heathens, Christians, believers of any other religion, atheists and agnostics must stand before God and give an account, by studying the TWO principal judgments Scripture relates to us.
The clear understanding of each can then remove us forever from any future concern so that we may stand firmly in our knowledge of our PRESENT already judged (and declared righteous) condition.

The two Judgments will be discussed individually in the following two chapters:

1. The “Judgment Seat” of Jesus Christ.

2. The “Great White Throne” Judgment related in the Revelation.