Friday, July 20, 2007

Charles Spurgeon Quote

Mike Ratliff at Christian Researh Net brings us this Spurgeon quote:

"If we had lain in hell forever, yet divine justice would not have been fully justified,for after thousands of years of suffering there would remain still an eternity of debt due to God’s justice.

If God had annihilated all the sinners that ever lived, at one stroke, he would not have so honored his justice as he did when he took sin and laid it on his Son,
and his Son bore divine wrath which was due to that sin.

For now there has been rendered unto divine justice a full equivalent, a complete recompense for all the dishonor which it suffered."

In these few words I am struck by two great losses - the fine teaching of the great truths of the Atonement and the ability to write clearly and succinctly in this sort of way to transmit these truths.

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