Thursday, August 31, 2006

2 Kinds of Faith

The 2 Kinds of Faith
"Unanswered prayer stands between the individual and a faith life."

That is the opening sentence of a booklet by E.W. Kenyon titled The 2 Kinds of Faith.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on that supposition. How many, I wonder, are involved enough in their Christian walk to have this kind of thought rise to the surface of their consciousness? In our society today there is such an excess of plenty that one can obtain an acceptable level of living purely by osmosis. It is easy then to say, "Praise the Lord!" because it is obvious it came from Him and, after all, they DID pray for it.

At that point life splits, however. On the one hand there are those as above who get what they are satisfied with in a reasonable amount of time and simply go on living as always. These are the same people that populate the "Success" seminars and make all the positive thinking preachers (religious or secular) rich.
The other side of the split is those who do not obtain what they want or need. Of the many, many books on the subject of unanswered prayer the overwhelming majority present the solution as some form of sin correction.

This booklet provides one of those light bulb moments in understanding the workings of faith. In it is presented the contrast between "Mental Assent" and "Faith."
To give the most basic point of relevance on these two consider the Bible teaching about Jesus. How many people give "Mental Assent" to the truth regarding Jesus, yet never exercise "Faith" into Him for their personal salvation?

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