Monday, August 14, 2006

Re: Colorized pictures

Recently Phil Johnson has posted a colorized picture of C.H. Spurgeon at the Pyromaniacs site.

Inspired by this DRBrooker ( has done his own of Horatius Bonar. (excellent job!)

Now to my real point.
While I have GREATLY appreciated the Phil Johnson History sites, I was sadly disappointed after marveling at the handiwork on the photo (I've done it, it's tough) to read the threatening copyright restrictions appended.

This may come from two sources.
1. My general "Antinomianism" (Unknown to me until reading the xxxxxxxxx Reform blogs)

2. My extended exposure to the "Copyleft" and Creative Commons movement. I had seen the internet as the ideal democratic equalizer. All people in all places having all access to all knowledge. I grew up anti-communist, in my adulthood I have embraced anti-fascism in every manner possible. Didn't anybody else read 1984 and Animal Farm?

Before this, going back to the 1980's I specifically marked my work as free use by any who may wish. I was under the conviction that nothing I created (especially "intellectual property") was truly my own. What God has given to me was for me to pass on, not to grasp or use as a tool for gain.

Since Mr. Johnson can freely distribute this photo for "personal use," it appears he obtained the photo as public domain. Now this copy moves it back into the copyright lockbox.
Oh, and good luck on getting the copy printed. The copyright frenzy has made it so most places won't print anything they think might possibly be "owned" by someone else. Try taking in some pictures you personally took working to make them professional.



Rose~ said...

Hi ... I saw you commenting on the Unashamed of Grace blog. I am a part of that blog, although of late I haven't posted there so much. I liked your comments!

I don't go to Phil Johnson's blog so much anymore, but being a graphic designer, I am interested in the image you refer to. I am going to go look for it now.

God bless!

Malchymist said...

thank you for visiting!!!
May I ask (with trepidation) which comments you liked? The post on the photo or the comments on Unashamed of Grace?

Years ago Phil Johnson's bookmarks was one of my favorite links. My disagreement with MacArthur's doctrine kept me away from Phil's blog though. Recently the Pyromaniacs site has brought me into the blogosphere, and actually through them to Free Grace Theology and Unashamed of Grace.

Back to photos. While I am not a graphic designer, a lifetime love of photography and a few thousand hours of Photoshop have made me a graphic seeker throughout the web.
God bless you

jazzycat said...

I saw your comment at my blog and came here and see that you are also interested in photography. I try to post a photo that my wife or I took with every post.

Rose~ said...

Hi again Malchymist,
I liked the comments on the UOG blog, not about the picture, although I think you make a good point about ownership of ideas, intellectual property" and artistic copyrighting in this post.

Recently the Pyromaniacs site has brought me into the blogosphere, and actually through them to Free Grace Theology and Unashamed of Grace.

I found that curious ... how did the Pyromaniacs site bring you to FG and then to UOG? Were they posting about that FG theology (which they despise) or about that blog in particular at some time? ... Or did you see Antonio or Matthew commenting there?

I'm just curious how the one led to the other!

Malchymist said...

I actually have no idea any more.
You know how you go to a link, then read the comments, then go to a commenter's blog, read a post, read a comment......
Eventually you follow those posters that make sense and/or have decent theology to certain groups.
I commented somewhere to Antonio that I didn't previously know the term "Free Grace Theology." Although I am sure I came upon it as I followed links posting the truth as related to the "Lordship Salvation" teachings. (see, you are right, how would I ever get there from Pyromaniacs?)