Friday, August 18, 2006

Jacob's Ladder 21st century

Genesis 28:
10And Jacob went out from Beersheba, and went toward Haran.
11And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep.
12And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
13And, behold, the LORD stood above it, and said, I am the LORD God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed;
14And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

Every once in a while I creep myself out wondering about who(?) might be around and watching all of my actions.

Hebrews 12:1Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't watching me."


Malchymist said...

original photos by André Bogaert(escalator), Christopher Potter (sunset)

Rose~ said...

I was just thinking about this saying today: "I wouldn't be so paranoid if everyone wasn't watching me."

Rose~ said...

"...wasn't out to get me"

is actually how I think it goes.

Malchymist said...

Oh no! They're after you too?
Quick, go here.

Gordon Cloud said...

Jesus is watching you.

Malchymist said...

Jesus is with me.